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Adsorption Boom  
CleanWay | Adsorption Boom
For parking lots and any impervious surfaces where oil and heavy metals such as zinc, copper and lead are prevalent, check out our highly efficient Adsorption Booms.

CleanWay® Adsorption Booms are an economical pollution and erosion control solution that’s easy to deploy and easy to move from one location to another. By providing a barrier, booms reduce pollutants, such as oil sheen and heavy metals commonly found in stormwater runoff, from moving downstream and ultimately entering your vegetated swale, detention / retention pond or constructed wetland.

Whether you have an industrial facility, commercial property, or construction projects where runoff is a concern, we can help reduce your pollutant load with a simple, cost effective solution that’s quick to install and replace. Plus, the booms are weighted so they stay in place by themselves.

We offer a variety of tested, highly specialized media combinations that can be used in Adsorption Booms to capture pollutants of concern. We work with you to identify the right media blend to help meet your site’s specific water quality objectives.

How they work

Adsorption booms provide you with a simple and effective way to capture pollutants where no other means of filtration is practical. Booms are available in standard 6, 8 and 10 foot lengths and are flexible so they conform to uneven surfaces. When you identify polluted surface runoff that needs to be treated, booms can be deployed to immediately begin capturing and containing contaminants, while allowing water to pass through.

Adsorption booms also dissipate the energy by spreading and slowing the flow, thereby reducing erosion. The weighted segment keeps the boom in contact with the ground to reduce bypass. They can also be staked to the ground for added stability.

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  • Fits every site with 6, 8 and 10 foot lengths
  • Targets oil and heavy metals such as zinc, copper and lead
  • Specialized media is carefully tested to address site-specific pollutants and reduce effluent concentrations
  • Booms are weighted so they stay in place
  • Effectively captures dissolved metals and holds them in the media so they won’t leach out
  • Highly adsorptive media reduces the release of pollutants
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