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Metal Removal Applications


Effectively remove lead, mercury, zinc and other metals

MetalZorb reduces and removes zinc, copper, lead and other heavy metals commonly found in stormwater and industrial process water discharge. Dissolved metal is captured and held in the media preventing the contaminants from leaching out. MetalZorb metal removal media can easily be disposed of as solid waste.

Groundwater remediation

For passive and in situ applications where remediation can be a challenge due to remote locations and hard to reach areas. MetalZorb is the ideal solution for reducing water contamination from heavy metal in landfill leachates, stormwater and other types of non-point source pollution where unattended gravity flow occurs.

Gold recovery

MetalZorb efficiently recovers gold and other precious metals from mining operations, mine wastewater streams and other sources of pollution.

Stormwater compliance

To address non-point source pollution in a new or existing catch basin or grated inlet, CleanWay offers a variety of stormwater filter inserts for compliance with water quality regulations at the local, state and federal levels. Catch basin insert filters, curb inlet filters, vault mounted filtration, downspout filtration, and absorption booms can all be configured with metal removal media.

Additional Metal Removal Applications include:

  • Industrial and commercial facilities
  • Metal, coating and plating facilities
  • Buildings with metal roofs
  • Potable water filtration plants
  • Auto dismantling
  • Port facilities, boatyards
  • Waste handling and transport
  • Municipal sewage
  • Bioreactor sediment
  • Drilling muds
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