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Metals Removal Media with MetalZorb

For highly effective metal removal from stormwater, industrial and wastewater discharge, CleanWay® offers a proven product that efficiently removes heavy metals through ion absorption and filtration.

MetalZorb is a high capacity sponge product that effectively yet simply removes metals from various water treatment applications that include:

  • stormwater filtration devices, by replacing or augmenting existing media
  • industrial and wastewater effluent, by capturing and retaining dissolved metals

Target dissolved metals

MetalZorb is highly effective at removing dissolved metal from stormwater. Remove zinc from stormwater, remove copper from stormwater, and remove lead from stormwater along with reducing and removing many other heavy metals commonly found in stormwater and industrial process water discharge. With high ion absorption capabilities and quick, aggressive kinetics, dissolved metals are captured and held in the media so they won’t leach out. Metal-saturated sponge may be easily disposed as solid waste or valuable precious metals can be recovered.

For retrofits and new sites

MetalZorb products work in catch basins, filter vaults and downspout filtration units, in both retrofits and new sites. For commercial, industrial and residential sites, our customized media can be deployed in:

  1. New installations with the media blend incorporated into CleanWay catch basin filtration systems
  2. Retrofits for other manufacturers’ structural BMPs—by safely and simply replacing the filtration system’s current media
  3. Custom fabricated pressure or gravity fed systems for addressing specific considerations at industrial sites
  4. Absorption booms

To address site-specific water quality requirements, we work with you to determine the right media blend for each installation.

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  • Targets heavy metals including zinc, copper, lead and more
  • Thoroughly tested media blends address site-specific pollutants to reduce effluent concentrations
  • Highly absorptive sponge prevents release of pollutants once captured
  • Improves water quality
  • Effective ground water remediation

Request a quote, order today, or call 800-723-1373. To learn more, see the metals removal FAQs.