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On-Route Decanting / Municipal Decanting

Decant Vactor and Sweeper Trucks while On-Route

Innovative On-Route Decanting Saves Time and Money
Using vactor trucks and sweepers for storm drain maintenance is part of the daily routine for municipalities and stormwater maintenance contractors. This equipment is essential for keeping trash and debris out of the stormwater system and is a primary line of defense for environmental protection.

Operating a Vactor truck is costly with the upfront equipment cost, maintenance, fuel to keep the equipment rolling, employee wages and waste disposal. When trucks are full, travel to the nearest dumping facility take time and is rarely close to the driver's route incurring additional time and equipment wear and tear.

A Cost Effective Solution
Why not dump waste on-route to reduce the inefficiency of multiple round trips to the dumping facility? The CleanWay solution allows you to decant the water (often up to 80% of the load in a vactor or sweeper truck) on-route using our durable, field-proven filtration inserts installed in your sanitary sewer manhole inlets.

Spend Your Money Wisely
By strategically installing CleanWay filter inserts just off the major surface streets, you can dump excess water real time leaving more room for the solids, without traveling to the dumping facility or providing traffic control while decanting. Additionally with our filter inserts you can filter large debris and sediment that may be discharged while decanting on-route, reducing the load on the central waste treatment facility. CleanWay's patented inserts can be removed quickly without tools, so cleaning and jetting the sanitary sewer lines is not affected.

The water you would otherwise be paying to transport is carried by existing infrastructure underground, saving more than an hour per trip in many cases. Municipalities save an average of eight to ten hours per week, per truck. By installing multiple filter inserts throughout your municipality and reducing unnecessary round-trips, your equipment and technicians will be more productive - and your entire operation more efficient.

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Decanting a Vactor Truck while On-Route using a CleanWay decanting filter

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