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CleanWay® Storm Clean® filtration products work in stormwater, wastewater and process water applications to reduce and remove pollutants and help meet water quality requirements. CleanWay offers basic, advanced and maximum pollutant removal options to address the specific needs of your site. CleanWay filtration products can be installed in new sites or retrofit existing structures.

CleanWay offers filter inserts for catch basins, curb inlets and downspout filter configurations with adaptable sizes that fit most sites. We work with you to select the best filter media to target pollutants of concern. As regulatory or site requirements change, you can add or change media to capture additional pollutants.

CleanWay products feature rugged and durable construction (powder coated mild steel or stainless steel), high flow bypass, unique-in-the-industry sampling port, low impedance to flow and variants to meet the specific needs of your site. You'll benefit from:

  • Easy Installation: One person can install CleanWay systems and components.
  • Easy Sampling: Test your water quality with our unique sampling port.
  • Easy Maintenance: Whether using a vactor truck, a sweeper truck or manually cleaning the catch basin, CleanWay Catch Basin filters are readily accessible.

1st Stage Filtration
Rigid, removable strainer with non-woven fabric filter
2nd Stage Filtration

Rigid strainer and adsorption filter

3rd Stage Filtration
Rigid strainer, adsorption filter and specially blended, site-specific media
General Specifications
CleanWayStrainer solids total
1.0 cu ft
CleanWayStrainer total surface areas 4.8 sq ft
CleanWayStrainer sieve size 1/8 inch
CleanWayStrainer flow rate >100 gpm
CleanWayAdsorption media volume
1.0 cu ft
CleanWayFilter surface areas
6.4 sq ft
CleanWayFiltration design flow rate 40 gpm
CleanWayFiltration maximum flow rate 80 gpm
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