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Stormwater SWPPP BMP Filters

Easy Stormwater Protection for Your Construction Site

Due to the increased regulations around erosion and sediment control on the jobsite, every site needs to prevent stormwater contamination, control sedimentation and erosion and comply with the requirements of the Clean Water Act. To help with your Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan, SWPPP, CleanWay offers catch basins and curb inlets to capture and remove pollutants from your storm and wastewater runoff. CleanWay compliance products can remove contaminants such as: trash and debris, dirt and mud, sand and other sediments, oils and hydrocarbons, dissolved heavy metals such as zinc and copper, and help your site to prepare its SWPPPs in order to comply with the NPDES requirements.

Stages of Protection for your SWPPPs

CleanWay offers basic, advanced, and maximum pollutant removal options to address the specific needs of your site. The basic filter will trap contaminants such as trash and large debris, but also TSS and sediment. The advanced filter will adsorb and prevent leaching for oil and other hydrocarbons, as well as measurably reduce the levels of heavy metals that go down your drain. Finally, the maximum level filter includes all benefits from the first two stages and can also be filled with specially blended, site-specific media. At any time you can add additional pollutant removal performance to enhance treatment by adding 2nd and/or 3rd level filtration. Simply installing our Storm Clean curb inlet and catch basin filter will provide all the protection you need. These filter inserts are part of the Storm Clean line of products that are designed with longevity and serviceability in mind. Helping you with your SWPPP and meeting the NPDES permit requirements is a top priority here at CleanWay.

With our filters you can further your SWPPP and also have the peace of mind that you will fulfill NPDES requirements, all while doing well for the environment. Compared to other filters, which may be poorly made and fail under normal to extreme use, Storm Clean filters are fabricated from thick 10 gauge steel and powder coated to withstand the elements, outperforming the competition.

Easy Install Curb Inlet BMP's

These easy-to-install units simply drop into place and are installed using a standard adjustable wrench and a level, no drilling required! The durable strainer basket is designed to be cleaned and lifted with a Vactor Truck to help avoid workplace injuries caused by improper lifting. In cases where the debris is light, and when a Vactor Truck is not needed, the strainer can be easily lifted and cleaned out. The patent pending removable tray design allows for sewer line maintenance (cleaning and jetting) without removing the entire unit, saving you time and money. See how easy it is to get started on your SWPPP!

Durable Catch Basin BMP's

While installing our curb inlets is a simple task, our catch basins are even easier because they don't require any tools! Since you can select from standard or custom designs and configurations for your catch basin, each one will perfectly and easily drop into place. Plus, with our handy sampling port that's unique in the industry, you can take samples any time to check system performance.

Importance of an Effective BMP

With the recent increase and restrictions by the EPA and local environmental agencies, it's more important than ever to have durable and effective BMP's in place. When you consider the cost of a BMP, you need to also understand the cost of its failure. If your cheaper BMP fails and you get fined, your total cost could be magnitudes greater.

We understand that the catch basins and curb inlets are an extra expense, used for only a short period of time on each jobsite, but since our products are rugged and durable you can reuse them over and over again. This way you can buy one catch basin insert, pack it up after each job is done, and use it at your next site. You can also sell the catch basin and filter for a profit to the landowner as they may need a stormwater BMP in place as well. Our catch basins and curb inlets are built to fit a variety of inlet designs and can be custom fit to many unique inlets by taking a few simple measurements.

For every problem there is a solution. Let CleanWay be the solution for your sites SWPPP.

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