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Wall Mount Filtration  
CleanWay | Wall Mount Filtration
CleanWay® offers high efficiency Storm Clean® wall mount filtration inserts for use in a variety of applications. We offer several sizes and configurations in standard dimensions that fit into a wide range of existing structures.

Select from basic, advanced and maximum pollutant removal options to address your site specific needs. Increase your pollutant removal performance any time to enhance treatment by adding additional filtration stages.

The Storm Clean wall mount version works best in large basins or manholes with 12" - 20" outlets deep in the vault. For non standard applications, we can also provide custom wall mount designs to meet your specifications.

Installation and maintenance are easy with a vacuum truck or manual clean out. Plus, with our handy sampling port that’s unique in the industry, you can take samples any time to check system performance.

How they work

Storm Clean Wall Mount filtration units feature a primary rigid strainer that bolts directly to the inner wall of the basin / vault, positioned directly over the outlet, which also acts as an outlet baffle.

The primary rigid strainer is constructed of a perforated material with surface area that accommodates flows rated at 125% of the flow of the basin prior to installation. The absorption media section incorporates a flexible open mesh fabric envelope containing a specialized media blend. This envelope is suspended from the support assembly and fitted into the basin in such a way that influent passes through it before exiting the filtration unit and entering the downstream conduit.

The combination of gross solids removal via the strainer and the absorption / filtration function of the media section reduce TSS and other pollutants.

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  • Easy installation of wall mount units
  • Available in standard sizes and configurations
  • Custom designs available
  • Simple maintenance done manually or with a vac truck
  • Easy access sample port to check performance
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