How CleanWay Helps Industrial Stormwater Permit Holders With Compliance Issues In A No-Obligation Advisory Role

We help hundreds of clients and scores of engineering and environmental consulting firms each year to meet industrial stormwater permit requirements. In doing so, we often take a no-obligation advisory role with prospective customers who are facing complex challenges around atmospheric, fleet, rainwater and runoff disposition of pollutants, and of inbound/outbound facility (both forklift and vehicular) tracking of pollutants — even if they don’t currently use our products.



New permits increasingly call for lower benchmarking and higher water quality standards, so even if a permit holder may be in compliance under their current permit, they will have to “up their game” in order to comply under the terms of a renewed permit. We’ve consulted on many projects where the permit holder has been in compliance for the capture of zinc (Zn), copper (Cu) and lead (Pb), but need to reduce aluminum (Al), as is the case in many jurisdictions, in order to qualify for a new permit.

“In 1980, I owned and operated an industrial scale recycling operation. I was increasingly concerned about stormwater runoff into the stream adjacent to our property. I spoke to my peers, other engineers and regulatory contacts and their advice and shared knowledge led to the beginnings of CleanWay Environmental Partners and the stormwater solutions we offer today. Our willingness to share our expertise is grounded in that early experience of open dialogue to achieve the common goal of environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance. It’s a philosophy we put into practice every day.”

Steve McInnis, Founder & President – CleanWay Environmental Partners



When you call, you’ll speak to experts in the stormwater management field. You’ll find complete transparency and free sharing of knowledge and ideas from the CleanWay “brain trust” that includes CleanWay’s founder (a holder of 20 patents for stormwater treatment and water purification technologies), in addition to our sales engineers who are experts in stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs), water chemistry and environmental engineering. Collectively, our highly credentialed staff has almost a century of stormwater management and filtration experience.

CleanWay works with scores of engineering and environmental consulting firms nationally. That includes firms that assist customers to meet NPDES permitting requirements. We enjoy talking to engineers (we have them on staff) and they’re quick to integrate our products into their plans to meet client challenges.”

 Matthew Moulton, General Manager – CleanWay Environmental Partners


• What are the costs and turn-around of your products? Our products are competitively priced. Our catch basins are custom fabricated to each customer’s unique specifications. All products are manufactured in our Portland, OR facility using CNC technology and the highest quality materials. Turn-around time is typically 10 days. You can find the forms to fill out for catch basin fabrication using this link to our website.

• What is the frequency of maintenance? Monthly inspections, which are required for most permit holders, provide visual clues when it’s time for maintenance: a) when the rigid strainer insert is dirty and debris has accumulated in the strainer, b) when the water level in the strainer rises above normal levels—which is seen during rain events, c) when water samples taken from the unit show water quality decay or degradation. We recommend replacement of Adsorb-it filtration elements at the beginning of each rainy season. Naturally, maintenance will be predicated upon adherence to other Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPP) protocols. For answers to other frequently asked questions, click here

• Can you work with our engineering and/or environmental consulting firm? Yes, we work with scores of engineering and environmental consulting firms nationally. That includes firms that assist customers to meet NPDES permitting requirements. We enjoy talking to engineers (we have them on staff) and they’re quick to integrate our products into their plans to meet client challenges. In fact, we’ve been asked to participate in studies by consulting and industrial research entities that highlighted the superior performance of our products. To view one such study conducted by Environmental Compliance Services, Inc. (ECS), in association with the National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP), click here.



• What pollutants are you trying to remove, and do you have a record of stormwater analysis that you can share with us? It’s quite common for customers and prospective customers to share permit and analysis specifics with us, and we take the time to review that data in order to provide the best, most expedient solution to their specific challenge. We have experience helping customers in all 50 states, and it’s very rare that we encounter a challenge we haven’t addressed in the past.

• What type of fleet traffic do you have? Fleet traffic represents significant potential disposition of pollutants. Vehicles capture and transport atmospheric pollutants that can be deposited on your hardscape. Additionally, the grinding of tires deposits zinc, and the application of brakes deposits copper. Forklift track-out can also be a pollutant contributor.

• What is the surrounding environment? Any facility near a major roadway or railroad right of way is subject to atmospheric disposition of pollutants. Likewise, adjacent facilities (even if they’re not required to hold a permit, like a storage facility), can be a source of sheet runoff from metal buildings. The unfortunate reality for many of our customers is this: When it hits the ground, you own it. Fortunately, CleanWay has vast experience and a whole suite of products that can be deployed to meet virtually any stormwater management challenge.


With over 25 years of experience, CleanWay Environmental Partners is dedicated to providing clients with affordable stormwater runoff solutions. Located in Portland, OR, our skilled staff is committed to serving customers nationwide with first-rate catch basin filters, downspout filtration units, premium leachate treatments, and heavy metals extraction services. Call (800) 723-1373 to request a quote and to learn more about how we can help you comply with environmental regulations.