Curb Inlet Filtration Inserts

Curb inlet filters remove debris and pollutants from stormwater runoff to keep drainage waterways clear and prevent contamination. This storm filter system provides an effective method for street-side inlet protection.  


  • Easily update existing curb inlets

  • Effective street-side inlet protection

  • Wide variety of filter elements to address different pollutants of concern

  • Standard sizes and configurations

  • Variant filtration sizes available

  • All metal construction, made in USA

  • No tools required for installation

  • Easy access water testing sample port

  • Removable rigid strainer with  1/8″
    [3.2 mm] opening and handle

  • Readily cleaned without discharge

  • Bypass port handles heavy flows

  • Vactor truck servicing or manually clean


  • Economical and effective inlet filtration treatment that helps achieve regulatory requirements

  • Removes a wide variety of pollutants

  • Easy sampling and water quality monitoring

  • No tools needed to install

  • One person installation and maintenance  and no confined space entry

Catch Basin Drawing with callouts

Client Worksheet for Square or Rectangular Catch Basin

Client Worksheet for Round Catch Basin

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CleanWay Product Brief


Filter Element Options

Filtration Specifications

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CleanWay® StormClean® curb inlet filter inserts are highly effective at filtering and removing pollutants from off the street stormwater runoff. They can be used for direct capture, for pre-treatment, and in treatment trains for protection of downstream devices including swales, detention/retention ponds and infiltration trenches.

CleanWay curb inlet filter units fit most existing structures. We offer various media and filtration options to address site-specific pollutants of concern and help meet regulatory requirements.

With our adaptive designs, you can increase pollutant removal performance any time by adding additional filtration stages. We work with you to determine the best solution for your site, making your life a little easier.

Installation & Maintenance
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  • A primary rigid strainer constructed of a perforated material with surface area that accommodates flows rated at 125% of the flow of the basin prior to installation. 

  • Absorptive media section incorporates a flexible open mesh fabric envelope containing a specialized media blend. This envelope is suspended from the support assembly and fitted into the basin so all influent passes through it before exiting the filtration unit and entering the downstream conduit. The combination of gross solids removal via the strainer and the absorption / filtration function of the media section reduce TSS and other pollutants.

  • The support structure is a one piece pan that installs between the grate and the concrete or steel grate frame. The pan provides support for the filter element and the rigid  strainer and ensures all water passes through the strainer and filter.

  • With the unique, easy access sampling port, it’s easy to check system performance any time.

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