MetalZorb® Metals Removal Media

MetalZorb® is a high capacity sponge filtration medium that effectively reduces, removes and recovers dissolved heavy metals, including lead, mercury, zinc and gold, found in stormwater and industrial process water discharge. With low impedance to flow, no backwash required, very high capacity and light in weight, this product is ideal for passive and in situ applications and helps achieve regulatory compliance. 

Dissolved metals are absorbed in the media, preventing the captured metallic ions from leaching out. Whether the application is capturing dissolved heavy metals from non-point source pollution or reclaiming valuable metals from mining operations, MetalZorb gets the job done. 

This product is available exclusively from CleanWay® Environmental Partners. To learn more, check out our MetalZorb FAQs or read our Case Studies.

Heavy Metals Removal Technical Info

Heavy Metals Removal Technical Info


Case Studies

MetalZorb Properties

MetalZorb Properties

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EPA Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Report EPA/540/R-94/522

MetalZorb Product Brief

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MetalZorb sponge cubes, available by the cubic foot, can fill a filter vessel or filtration insert, sized for the flow volume at each location. When confined in a filtration insert, they offer little impedance to water flowing through the unit and are not clogged by suspended solids. Sponge media can be compacted into Absorption Booms, as standalone treatment or in a treatment train. Effective ground water remediation can also be achieved by vertically positioning Absorption Booms filled with MetalZorb at the gate of a barrier wall funnel system.       

To ensure ongoing efficacy, MetalZorb sponge product should be periodically retrieved and replaced with fresh sponge. Learn more about disposal considerations.


  • No backwash required, alleviating the problems associated with disposal of dirty backwash water or regenerant chemicals

  • High capacity / non-leaching

  • Rapid absorption and low impedance to flow

  • Lightweight

  • Targets dissolved heavy metals including zinc, copper, lead and more

  • Wide variety of metals removed regardless of most other water chemistry factors (pH, temp, total dissolved solids)

  • Ideal for passive and in situ applications

  • Non-toxic, biodegradable, organic polymer

  • Can achieve 90% reduction in as little as 20 seconds

  • Available in two types for specific applications

  • Customized media blends address site-specific pollutants and water quality requirements

Installation & Maintenance
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  • Highly effective absorptive sponge prevents release of captured pollutants

  • Economically provides water remediation

  • Lightweight sponge means lowers disposal cost

  • Metal-saturated sponge may be easily disposed as solid waste

  • Several simple disposal considerations

  • Improved water quality to help meet discharge requirements

  • Permanent absorption means no leaching or metal loss

  • Recover / reclaim valuable metals from sites like mine tailing ponds and manufacturing facilities while improving water quality


In 2008, CleanWay Environmental Partners acquired the FORAGER® Sponge product developed by Dynaphore for the effective removal of metals from water. CleanWay changed the name from FORAGER Sponge to MetalZorb®. Since the technology acquisition, CleanWay continued the product development of MetalZorb, incorporating enhancements in performance, production and expanding the application of the metals removal technology. The FORAGER Sponge product is now available exclusively from CleanWay under the name MetalZorb. FORAGER Sponge performance was proven in EPA Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Report EPA/540/R-94/522.

MetalZorb metals removal media


  • Groundwater remediation

  • Gold recovery

  • Landfill leachate treatment

  • Use as pre-treatment, in a treatment train or for final polishing

  • Highly effective in passive & in situ applications, remote locations or anywhere with unattended gravity flow

  • Can be deployed in new installations of CleanWay catch basin filtration systems

  • Replaces other manufacturers’ BMPs by replacing existing media

  • Flexible, portable Absorption Booms

  • Custom fabricated pressure or gravity fed systems that address site-specific pollutants

  • Your site or any site that needs to capture metals from runoff

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