A manufacturer of wooden structural components has an onsite stormwater management facility that incorporates a series of catch basins flowing into a single hydrodynamic separator, then into a retention-infiltration pond. Since they retain all stormwater onsite, they are not required by law to have a stormwater discharge permit.

Their facility experiences heavy truck and forklift traffic plus their manufacturing processes yield ever present wood debris and sawdust. These operating conditions fouled their stormwater treatment system with a layer of organic sediment that prevented the retention pond from infiltrating at the rate needed to handle their stormwater volume. The hydrodynamic separator was not able to remove the wood particles so each year, they had to undertake the difficult and costly project of excavating the bottom of the pond and replacing a 6 inch layer of filter rock.


CleanWay® Storm Clean® filtration inserts were installed into the catch basins at their facility. The combination of the rigid strainer basket and sedimentation filter prevented the sediment from accumulating in the infiltration pond which alleviated the need to replace the filter rock bed of the pond.  The system has operated for several years with no decrease in efficiency. For more information, call 800.723.1373.

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