Drop Inlet Filtration Inserts

Storm Clean® storm filter systems work well in drop inlets to capture pollutants and prevent debris from blocking downstream pipes. As full capture devices, they effectively remove a variety of pollutants from suspended solids to dissolved metals to floatables/debris. CleanWay stormwater filtration products address the issues surrounding compliance regulations with:

  • Adaptive filtration designs that fit any size catch basin

  • Scalable filtration options with flexible media selection to address site-specific needs

  • Working in partnership with our customers to help achieve your water quality goals

Filtration inserts can be deployed:

  • To capture non-point source pollutants

  • As pretreatment for Underground Injection Controls (UIC) 

  • As an integral part of a treatment train for protection of downstream devices such as swales, detention/retention ponds and infiltration trenches


  • Fits all sizes of drop inlets

  • All metal construction, made in USA

  • Full perimeter gasket for 100% pollutant capture

  • Removable rigid strainer with  1/8″
    [3.2 mm] opening and bail type handle

  • Easy access, permit compliance sampling port

  • Wide variety of filter elements to address different pollutants of concern

  • Readily cleaned without discharge

  • Bypass port handles heavy flows

  • No tools or modifications required for installation

  • Vactor truck friendly design for easy servicing


  • Economical and effective treatment that helps achieve regulatory compliance

  • Removes a wide variety of pollutants

  • Simple installation and maintenance

  • Easy sampling and monitoring

  • One person installation and maintenance with no special tools

Catch Basin Drawing with callouts

Client Worksheet for Square or Rectangular Catch Basin

Client Worksheet for Round Catch Basin

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Filter Element Options

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Installation and maintenance are simple with no special tools and no confined space entry and can be performed by one person. Units can be cleaned with a Vactor truck or manually. With our handy sampling port that’s unique in the industry, you can take water quality samples any time to check system performance.

For larger catch basins, we manufacture Dual strainer Type inserts which include two strainers and two filter elements, allowing greater flow/treatment rates than the single strainer/element type of insert.

CleanWay offers filtration options to target site-specific pollutants. We’ll gladly work with you to determine the best solution.

To address evolving treatment requirements or as site considerations change, we offer a variety of filter element options. All filter elements are interchangeable so it’s easy to exchange the filter element, not the entire filter insert, to upgrade or downgrade the filter’s capability.

Installation & Maintenance
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  • A rigid Stainless Steel strainer with surface area that accommodates flows rated at 125% of the flow of the basin prior to installation. 

  • Absorptive media section incorporates a flexible open mesh fabric envelope containing our specialized media blend. This envelope is suspended from the support assembly and fitted into the basin so all influent passes through it before exiting the filtration unit and entering the downstream conduit. The combination of gross solids removal via the strainer and the absorption / filtration function of the media section capture pollutants.

  • The support structure is a one piece pan that installs between the grate and concrete or steel grate frame. The pan provides support for the filter element and the rigid strainer and ensures all water passes through the strainer and filter element. No tools are re

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