On-Route Decanting

Using Vactor trucks and sweepers for storm drain maintenance is part of the daily routine for municipalities and stormwater maintenance contractors. This equipment is essential for keeping trash and debris out of the stormwater system and is a primary line of defense for environmental protection.

Operating a Vactor truck is costly with the upfront equipment cost, maintenance, fuel, wages and waste disposal. When trucks are full, travel to the nearest dumping facility takes time and is rarely close to the driver’s route. This incurs additional driver time along with equipment wear and tear.


By strategically installing CleanWay® filter inserts just off the major surface streets, you can decant your vactor or sweeper truck on route by dumping excess water more frequently and leaving room for additional solids. Accumulated water can often be up to 80% of the load in a truck so real time decanting reduces trips to the dumping facility, while increasing productivity and making your entire operation more efficient. 

The water you otherwise pay to transport is carried by existing infrastructure underground, saving more than an hour per trip in many cases. Some municipalities are saving an average of eight to ten hours per week, per truck.  


Select the key installation locations based on your routes and complete a Client Worksheet with the dimensions of each basin. CleanWay will build ring-mounted manhole catch basin inserts, fit to your specifications. Each catch basin insert comes with a rigid stainless steel strainer that captures solids down to 1/8″ [3.18mm]. 

Depending on the pollutants to be captured, you can also add filter elements:

And because CleanWay catch basin inserts are easily installed by one person, you’ll soon be on your way to higher efficiency and lower operating costs.

Client Worksheet for Square or Rectangular Catch Basin

Client Worksheet for Round Catch Basin

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