Filtration Specifications

Operational and performance specifications for CleanWay stormwater filtration products include:

Filtration Surface Area (Fabric elements)         6.4 sq ft           .6 sq m

Filtration Design Flow Rate (Nominal)              40 gpm            151 liters/min

Filtration Design Flow Rate (Maximum)            80 gpm            303 liters/min

Adsorption Media Volume                                1.0 cu ft           28 liters

Strainer Solids Total                                          1.0 cu ft           28 liters

Strainer Total Surface Area                                4.8 sq ft           .4 sq m

Strainer Sieve Size                                             1/8 inch           3.2 mm        

Strainer Flow Rate                                            > 100 gpm        > 379 liters/min  

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