Storm Clean® Filtration Systems

Storm Clean® Filtration Systems

Storm Clean® Filtration Systems are full capture devices that are highly effective at removing targeted pollutants from stormwater. CleanWay® Environmental Partners offers various filter element options for industrial, commercial and residential sites as well as environmentally sensitive areas. We work with you to address pollutants of concern – including turbidity, suspended solids (TSS), dissolved metals and more – to help you achieve NPDES compliance. 

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CleanWay products have all been designed with a focus on how products are installed and serviced, ensuring ease-of-use. We have a long history of innovation and flexibility, having earned several patents for our filtration systems over the last 20 years. Since our products were developed in conjunction with a catch basin service provider, our products are based on real world experience. You’ll benefit from:

  • Easy Installation: One person can readily install CleanWay systems; all filter elements are interchangeable so if your requirements change, you can easily change the filter element; the support pan provides simple filter installation and filter element change-out

  • Easy Sampling: Patented sample collection port makes permit compliance sampling easy and convenient

  • Easy Maintenance: ‘Vactor truck-friendly’ design means filters are durable enough to hold up to years of machine cleaning yet easy to manage manually

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Storm Clean Filtration Systems fit in any size catch basindrop inletcurb inlet and downspout configuration. With our adaptive design features, we can provide a perfect fit for all catch basins. To fit the particular needs of your site, we also manufacture variant size filtration units. 

Every Storm Clean system features:

  • Patented support pan design for simple filter installation and filter element exchange

  • Rugged, durable construction (powder coated mild steel or stainless steel)

  • High flow bypass

  • Low impedance to flow

  • Patented water sampling port 

  • Made in the USA

CleanWay Environmental Partners works in partnership with you to ensure your requirements are addressed. As regulatory requirements change, we are nimble to stay current. 

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